Car Overbook or in Arrears, assistance is just a phone call away!!! in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal for sale


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We offer a service where pre-approved clients are sourced to take over your car installment. We offer you peace of mind while sorting our yourcar if it is overbookor in arrears (arrears settled) andensuring our pre-approved clients look after yourCARlike it is their own.Car iscomprehensively insured at all times. A tracker is fittedif one is not installedto offer extra peace of mind.
Contract in place between both parties. Don't hesitate before it is too late. Established since 1998, contact the experts that do it the correct way!!
Call Peter on 072 428 3747, we require CARS, we are OUT OF STOCK!! No chancers or conversation seekers only serious persons are requested to respond.